Embed real-time user intelligence into any mobile application.

Set's iOS SDK learns the behaviors of individual users and allows applications to anticipate needs or create a new engagement at the perfect time.
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Provide value, faster

Use Set to quickly understand what your user needs every time they open your app.
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Message users at the perfect time

Set will help you reach your users with better notifications triggered only at the perfect moments.
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Respond to environments

Subscribe to key places and behaviors of users so your app can respond in real-time.
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Smart notifications

Timing Notifications
// Choose the perfect context to engage your users
let beforeMorningCommute = SetSDK.Context(
  action:     .end,
  activity:   .atHome,
  timing:     .before,
  period:     .morning,
  frequency:  .once
SetSDK.notification(forContext: beforeMorningCommute) {
  // Engage with your user
// Coming soon
// Coming soon
Using the Set SDK, developers define the contexts where their service creates the most value. Then use Set to send notifications only in those key moments.

Event subscription

Build Smarter Apps
// Access Set's persistant awareness of location and behavior
SetSDK.onArrival(to: [40.7401, -73.9908]) { arrival as
  // Respond to user arrival
SetSDK.subscribe(toContext: beforeDepartingHome) { departure as
  // Predict specific contexts
// Coming soon
// Coming soon
Respond to user arrivals by preparing pick-ups, creating new offers, or just sending a custom greeting.

On-device Intelligence

Set's algorithms are built to run directly on the user's device. This allows the Set APIs to run in real-time, with or without connectivity, and securely for your users.

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